Searching for my life

I am searching for my life. But the path I am travelling is not paved. The complexity is asking me to stop this. But the question always reminds, "What will I do if I stop my research on me?"


That Moment Changed My Life

I remember that moment, Just ran to you unknowingly. Unconscious mind tempted, the world changed in my eye, when I hold your hands. You reached me as a semblance. That moment changed my life.

Chidhariya chindhakal…

ellam nimishavum orthedukan pattumayirunekil ennu njn palapoyum alochikaeund. Eniku maravi rokam annenu kootukar kaliyakumpol njn palapoyum athu angeekarichu kodukarund. Chilapoyoke njn palarodum eniku maravirogam annenu swayame parayarum und. Pakshe njn oemakale oru mathiluketti athinullil olippikan sremikukayanenu eniku matrame ariyukayullu. Orotta pathayiloode neegunavaye vetti nurukki njn chitharikan annu epoyum sremikaru.Enthinu vendi njn ente ormaye verukunu ennathu... Continue Reading →

Living inside unimportant work

I'm spending my majority time for unproductive activities. Even I know that, I am unable to stop that habit. Above 80% of my time, I am utilizing for youtube dramas, snooping around on other's gossip etc.

If I have the power to vanish someone from this world, I love to vanish myself. Bz I'm the one who hated me a lot.

Korean Entertainment

Korean Comedy Romantic Dramas, those making me to feel comfortable. Even though continuous watching of YouTube is not good, I love this engagement now. This is making me to feel calm and lovable, and also I am not getting any time to worry about anyone. 🙂 I am not sure till when I am going... Continue Reading →

over depression

depression it is a difficult word to explain. Sometimes explanation is not required for this word. Every one in this world have a time to go through this word. There are times that we will go through over depression and a moment that help us to over that depression.

Self Analysis

I am always afraid that I will be alone in my old-age. I will not achieve my dream even I am in my old-age. I am always afraid that I can't stand for me till my death came. And I will not gain anything from this life. My dreams will fade in the dark and... Continue Reading →

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