Crazy Girl-Boring Wisdom!!!

Mar 20, 2017 7:42 AM : I was watching her closely. Without any expression she was staring to the sun. I got surprised by seeing her eyes. It was shining. How can anyone look into the sun directly without a glimpse? Too strange view. I wondered what I will talk with her. Her eyes telling me that there is a mid communication going on between them. And I confused what I can do? The power in her eyes are saying something to her surroundings. I tried my best to make an understanding about her. But she was complex. I tried to have a official conversation with her. And finally what I understood are weird.

I know sometimes we loss twice, win once. But we will not happy with that. Again we will go for a subsequent race, and loss everything we had won. That is a mythical way. But even we knew, we always follow that way. As I understood, she was also moving through the same path. Her eyes was drawing a lot of paints in the seashore. That paintings have lot of things to say to this world. It contains the thoughts about horse race she was living for. She said that “When she want to write a poem with great lyrics. But whenever she was starting to write, its difficult to organize her thoughts. The thoughts are getting shattered and she fed up by making it in an order. Always she was getting confused whether she can make a beautiful poem. She was confused whether the lyrics she was written was copied from someone’s poem. Are they fake lyrics? Because she was unable to provide a good tone to her lyrics.”

I understood that girl have all type of freedom to enjoy her life. She can live her life the way she was dreaming. But even though she was unable to catch her dreams. As per her view she was always living inside a spell and dream only. I wondered!!! Why she is not ready to take a front step and gain her dream? I had a weird feelings that whether I understood her or not. I want to give my best to have a try on her and share my hands. But she is not ready to share her heart with me, her feelings or thoughts with me. Yea! Always feelings are personal. I am ready to wait for that one day, when I am going to hear every feelings of her. I will try my best for reaching that one day come true. That day I want to make her the happiest person ever in this world; in this Entire universe.



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