Shattered Diary thoughts

Sylvia Plath.. She inspired me a lot past 2 years.. I can feel something crazy in her words. The writing are suite for me. I feel like they are written for me. Craziest bitch… Why I love her? Undiscovered thought.. Its not only regarding the quotes she shared to the world. The poems written by her, Even though she committed suicide, Even though it is contains negative thoughts, I love the way she thinking. I can see my 99.99999999….. % in her lyrics. And there is one more person who was resembling me. Nandhitha. She was making me to feel myself a lot. It doesn’t mean that I am following anyone of these girls, or not like I am a fan of these brilliant writers. But something is there… That make me to feel them, that make me to feel my mind. I got a feel that I can see me, because of these writings.. because of their way of thinking.. I can feel me in that.. Something is leading me to say that I was on their way.. Something is there to inform me that I have to overcome that. yes… It will become easy once we understood our-self. I didn’t reached that level. I want to research about me more. This is not a negative thought. I know I am more valuable that any stupids in this world.I know I have a spark that is priceless. Once I was not aware who am I. That time I was travelling through the same path Sylvia and Nandhitha traveled. And I used to say unwanted sayings, Not me, Someone else that occurred my heart. That girl always worried her surroundings. She was always afraid anyone get hurt because of her. She didn’t like any one’s sadness. She thought everyone should be happy except her. She prayed to god always to give all burdens to her instead of someone else in this world. She thought if anyone utilized her though she will take care of all. Now I was able to control my thoughts. I know who I am.. and what I am capable of.. I know what are my weaknesses. So I can make over it.. they why should I give my life for anyone… Whenever I am seeing me I know I born for something special. if so then why should I give up my life. I know I am not matured, Past or present. I know that better.. I don’t want to act like a matured girl also.. But I want to know what I am and How can someone jealous on me .. researches will wave a path for me … Be confident and go on..

-Mar 23, 2017 10:47 AM


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