She-The Mirror Image

I can see hear eyes are blinking always. May be it is due to the dreams she was netting in her heart. She was able to make me anxious always. Whenever I am looking into her eyes, something makes me to afraid. An unknown fear is getting in my mind. Till now, I haven’t looked in her eyes more than 15 secs. I was afraid to understand her feelings. If I came to know what is going inside her, I am afraid whether I can stand inside this world by raising my head up. You may be get collapsed now while reading this. Even the same fear is inside me also. I don’t when I will be able to make an eye-to-eye conversation with her. Is it possible in my lifetime. I don’t know. I hardly tried a lot to look into her eyes. But this unknown fear , it is just killing me. Tempting me to do a suicide attempt. I don’t what is going to happen next. But I waiting for my chance to have a great conversation with her. She was always a fear for me. Once I will overcome that fear and live my live the way she is anticipating.


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