The First Moment!!!

Ah! Life became crazy with the witch thoughts I made. But that First Moment when I thought about my inner feeling, that made me crazy. Yes, Always we will get stuck in our past and think about that first moment. Even I had the same feeling when ever I lost my mind inside the dark spell. Categorization are difficult for an introvert. Always I love to become an extrovert and dream to envy others. But I know that its too difficult for a person like me. I always love to scratch my random thoughts in my diary. But no one was aware how I felt in this world. Everyone was busy in their own life. Everyone was running to search their own future. Yea, Its not a complaint at all. I know even I am busy with in my own dreams. But I never tried to break my shell and come out from that First moment’s of my life. I always used to live in that first moments. Few days ago, my weird thoughts asked me Who Am I? Then only I thought about it. Till now those golden years, I used to live in my inner mind. I never tried to come out of my dreams. I used to hug and live in my First moments. When I understood that fact, I was searching for a way to overcome my First moments. I am dreaming to live in the present instead of that First moment. Suddenly today my friend asked to start a blog and explore myself. She told me that it will help me to find my answer Who Am I? Is it possible to get the answer. I am not sure about it. But even though I am thinking to start this blog and I am ready for the war to Find my answer. Now I want to move out from the First moment and going to fallen in love with my present. Like Jack Kerouac said I going to fallen in love with me and every moment of it from now onwards instead of living in my first moment. Good Bye to my First Moment!


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