Last Night

My Last Night


Calm Day with Squabble

Here, this moment, precious stones are glowing Future is delighted, Felicity run on energeticaly But the heart and brain altercation continue...

Patience and Happiness

The worst thing I have ever felt in my mind in blaming others for your own activities. You should keep your place neat and tidy for your protection, in spite of that some persons used to blame others for their exercise. While I am angry I was unable to control myself, so I used to... Continue Reading →

Ho Ho Ho Santha On The Way!!!

It was a fantastic day!!! From every corner, I am hearing words such as Santa Claus, Christmas Pappa, Christmas Father, Crip, Christmas, Christ, Red and White Themes. It was a top-notch feel that no one can express fully to the outside world. It was a well-known moment that when I opened my official Mailbox at... Continue Reading →

Ee irutta akashavum Ithinullil olichirikuna aa karutha meghavum eniku enum priyapettathanu. Avarile thoratha kannuner pankhuvekkan njn allathe avark aranu ullath. Enne punnarnu ashwasathinay avar pozhikuna oro kannuneer thullikalilum enthu cheyanam ennu ariyatha oru manasumay njn pathararud. Onnum parayan illathe njn enum avare ennilk anykarund.Ennekilum avarude irutta mukham thudakan enik akumenna vyadhayarna mohathode...

Shattered Diary thoughts

Sylvia Plath.. She inspired me a lot past 2 years.. I can feel┬ásomething crazy in her words. The writing are suite for me. I feel like they are written for me. Craziest bitch... Why I love her? Undiscovered thought.. Its not only regarding the quotes she shared to the world. The poems written by her,... Continue Reading →

Crazy Girl-Boring Wisdom!!!

Mar 20, 2017 7:42 AM : I was watching her closely. Without any expression she was staring to the sun. I got surprised by seeing her eyes. It was shining. How can anyone look into the sun directly without a glimpse? Too strange view. I wondered what I will talk with her. Her eyes telling... Continue Reading →

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